At FDS Consult one of our key aims is to provide the appropriate level of fire safety for your project, while also maximising your design options.

To help show you the benefits that working with our fire safety consultants can bring, we offer a free fire safety appraisal service, allowing you to reduce your project build and fire safety systems costs, without risking non-compliance.

On submission of your plans, our experts will conduct a review to identify any major areas of noncompliance concerning current fire safety legislation, from means of escape and compartmentation to firefighting access and smoke ventilation.

Our team will also highlight any areas where value engineering can be carried out, as well as where greater design flexibility is possible, allowing you to save costs while removing the need to compromise.

By involving our fire engineering consultants at the planning stage, any potential issues can be identified and rectified, preventing costly revisions and remedial works once construction is underway.

To see how we could help with your project, just upload your plans for a free initial appraisal.

Free Fire Safety Appraisal

To discuss your project please call one of our fire safety consultants on +44 (0)1322 387 411 or complete the contact form below.

Free Fire Safety Appraisal