Fire Management Strategy is a holistic service we offer for your premises.

As a part of the fire management strategy, we will produce a report outlining key areas relating to the fire management and evacuation plan. This report will draw on the fire risk assessment and fire strategy, to deliver a plan summarising the key objectives and any underlying requirements to ensure the safe evacuation of all building occupants.

Fire Management strategy

Fire Management Strategy

The purpose of the fire management strategy is to provide guidance for planning and management of a potential fire threat to your business.


We will take into account how the building is used by its occupants to ensure management procedures are practical and compliant with the company’s business operations. The Fire Management Strategy will define the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of all personnel involved and liaise with building owner and or manager to ensure these are understood. We will also work with you to identify those who may be especially at risk and put in plans to ensure their safety.

Risk Analysis

In order to ensure safety, we will assess the potential fire risks and the likelihood of occurrence. Based on the risk analysis, the fire management strategy will outline the required risk management procedures to be put in place. Based on the premises and risk assessment a fire evacuation plan will be created

Training and Testing

We will also provide training for the relevant personnel along with testing of all the fire safety systems, ensuring a safe environment. Along with the testing, we will advise on any required systems that can be installed to prevent and minimise fire risks. Our approach is multi-layered and our fire management strategy will aim to prevent and minimise the impact of any probable fires by reducing the threat to life and property. All the key personnel will also be informed and instructed.

Legal Compliance

Furthermore, we would ensure the Fire Management Strategy is in compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order and all necessary legal requirements.

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