Previously, the detailed design of smoke ventilation and residential sprinkler systems was undertaken by the appointed sub-contractor. However, due to the fact that these works are carried out at the end of the construction stage there is a risk that the approvals process could delay the CML’s. A lack of coordination regarding the location of the sprinkler heads and their associated required flow rates and pressures not being achieved could result in variations to the client, which increases their build costs.

Smoke venting contractors may also choose to achieve the requirements in different ways, resulting in quantity surveyors receiving quotes that are not only for different systems but that are also difficult to compare.

FDS Consult Detailed Design

FDS Consult’s extensive knowledge and understanding of smoke venting and fire sprinkler systems, combined with our fire engineering expertise enables us to provide a detailed design that is specifically suited to the building and its end use. Our approach ensures you have a system that is reliable, compliant and cost effective.

By carrying out the detailed design and specification of the smoke ventilation system during the consultancy stage, it assists all sub-contractors in pricing for the same system specification during the tender phase. Also, the risk during construction is greatly reduced as the detailed design of the system goes through the approvals process at an early stage and the smoke venting contractor only demonstrates to the Approving Authorities that the installed system achieves the performance and operation requirements of the design.

To achieve efficient installation of fire sprinkler systems, it is important to undertake the coordination of the sprinkler heads during the early stages to ensure they do not conflict with other services and can be laid out to line up with the other fittings (e.g. lights, speakers, etc.). Further benefits of carrying the design out at this stage include the potential reduction of sprinkler heads required and early stipulation of the water supply requirements ensures the necessary water flow rates and pressures can be included as part of the tender packages.

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