FDS Consult is able to offer you the best fire engineering solutions by ensuring that we have the best fire safety consultants on our team. What’s more, our fire engineers are not just good at what they do, they’re passionate about it.

Qualified Fire Engineering Consultants

Highly qualified, dedicated and experienced, our expert fire engineering consultants have a wide range of skills and an impressive array of backgrounds. Each and every one of our fire consultants is totally committed to the company’s innovative approach and they all have one thing in common: a can-do approach to working with a building and integrating the fire strategy with both the architect’s vision and the client’s brief.

Our people will make sure they find out everything there is to know about the fabric of your building, its aesthetics, its function, its surroundings, its context in the local built environment and its end users. They will work with your team to provide fire engineering solutions that work with your building and offer support and guidance wherever it’s needed. Our people are our most valuable asset – they can be yours too.

People – About Our Fire Engineering Consultants