Contemporary buildings need to maximise safety whilst exploiting modern construction techniques and delivering the architect’s aesthetic vision. Conventional approaches to fire engineering sometimes require modifications that conflict with the original design or specification. As the leading fire safety consultancy, we don’t believe in compromising our client’s schemes: we believe in finding creative ways of working with them.

Why Choose FDS Consult?

By targeting individual design issues with a solutions-driven approach we can help you realise your goals for the building, whether that’s reducing costs, minimising build times, maximising space or safeguarding the aesthetic integrity of the original design.

You may even task us with achieving a combination of all these things or simply require advice on RRO (Regulatory Reform Order) or Management Strategy. Whatever the brief, our team of fire consultants will develop a fire engineering strategy based on their knowledge of fire and smoke behaviours to improve life safety and deliver your goals.

What’s more, we’ll prove that our innovative approach to fire consulting for your project will work, helping the scheme achieve fast and hassle-free fire approval.

Some of the benefits of Fire Engineering include:

  • Justification for extended travel distances
  • The use of non-standard escape routes (i.e. open and shared routes)
  • The potential to increase and maximise floor space.
  • Allows for greater flexibility and more open arrangements providing alternative methods of maintaining compartmentation and minimising fire safety systems.

Our Fire Engineering Experience

We have worked on a large number of constructions projects with a great track record for innovation and excellence providing tailored solutions for each client, meeting and frequently exceeding – our client’s project expectations. View our projects page for more details of the great projects we have worked on.

We firmly believe that our unique approach offers a win win scenario for our clients – delivering the architect’s aesthetic vision whilst maintaining high levels of safety for the end users. If you are looking for reliable fire engineering services, we would love to talk about the projects you are working on. We can also offer you a free initial appraisal for your project. Contact us today on +44 (0)1322 387411 or fill out an online contact form.